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Q: Do Americans have the right to travel with their firearms?


“Americans should have the right to travel with their firearms. The introduced bill has arguments against it, with one proposing that "guns are unlike other forms of property because of the immense destruction they are capable of." This could be said of a very large amount of things. The vehicle you drive could be used to cause immense destruction, yet that is allowed to driven all around the country. Why should weapons be any different? When a person transports a firearm out of the city, it could be for a multitude of reasons. One reason could be for simple self defense against the all too common possibility of road rage. Another could be to go hunting with a friend in a area where that is possible. Like either of the Dakotas for example. This is also just inconvenient. The article states "They don't believe that preventing someone from transporting a gun out of the city is too inconvenient, arguing that the owner could purchase a second gun wherever he or she is traveling to," which is just absurd. Why would someone go to another state to purchase a weapon instead of just buying it in their home area. This bill should not be passed into law, as it would limit the rights of gun owners by stopping them from freely transporting their goods, not allowing them to defend themselves in situations they may need to, and forcing them to spend more money on something they did not want to, i.e. purchasing a new gun in a new area.”

Noah from Virginia


“While the second amendment guarantees that United States citizens have the right to bear arms and it is implied that they should be able to travel with them, the government's obligation to protect public safety is more important. The term "travel" is applied loosely here and it is not specified by which means citizens are transporting firearms. This could include anything from flight to walking. In this case, public transportation and transportation in which an individual is near strangers will be referred to as "travel". If Americans were allowed to use public transportation with firearms, not only would many others feel uneasy, but the armed individual would pose a threat to the safety of everyone else. Access to firearms has become increasingly dangerous within these areas due to the rise in the occurrence of mass shootings. Airports, for example, are an important part of travel and involve many people from across the world. Firearms would be extremely dangerous and difficult to contain in this setting. For instance, there was a mass shooting in the Fort Lauderdale Airport several years ago that could have been prevented if firearms were prohibited in public transportation areas. Firearms in public transportation areas also allow for the potential of terrorism and the hijacking of vehicles and airplanes. Although there is an argument that the second amendment secures all gun rights, the government actually has the jurisdiction to create and enforce all laws necessary to protect the people. This is stated under the necessary and proper clause of article 1, section 8 of the constitution. In other words, if there is a legitimate basis for outlawing firearms in and/or near public transportation, congress has the ability to do whatever necessary to protect both the government and the citizens. For these reasons, American citizens should not be allowed to travel with guns.”

Lauren from Iowa

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