Kahoot! FAQs

What is a Kahoot! you ask? It is an online, multiple choice game that can be played by hundreds of people from anywhere in the world at the same time.

How do I join in? To join in the fun, simply click on the play button above to access the game on our YouTube live channel- Bill of Rights Institute YouTube.

How do I play? To participate in the live game, download the Kahoot! app on your smartphone or tablet. Then enter the code on the Kahoot! Game you would like to join. It will be broadcast LIVE every hour on our YouTube page.

What if I miss the LIVE Kahoot! Event on Friday? All of our kahoots are available on the Kahoot! website. Click on one of the topics below to play!

The US and The World

Debates on the Constitution (Federalist or Anti-Federalist)

Supreme Court Decisions

The American Economy

Modern Rights